Roundtable Discussion with Justin Chadwick, Director of the Movie, The First Grader

9 05 2011

Easily one of the most powerful films you’ll see in 2011.  Justin Chadwick and his tremendous team have created a truly moving film that showcases how it’s never to late to try something new.  Here is the Roundtable discussion Director Justin Chadwick had about his film, The First Grader.

The film follows 80 year old Maruge (Oliver Litondo), who decides to take part in his Kenyan government’s new free education program.  The film showcases the inner political and cultural struggles that still plagues the Kenyan landscape and forces Maruge to stay strong if he wants to really become educated.  Old memories still haunt that side of the world.

I believe the website sums up this movie perfectly.

Directed by Justin Chadwick (THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL/BLEAK HOUSE) from a script by Emmy-winner Ann Peacock (THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA, NIGHTS IN RODANTHE, KIT KITTRIDGE), THE FIRST GRADER is a heart warming and inspiring true story of one man’s fight for what he believes is his right in order to overcome the burdens of his past. It is a triumphant testimony to the transforming force of education.

Director Justin Chadwick discusses his wonderful film, The First Grader.

Video shot and edited by PSD’s George Wada.

The power of education is truly world changing.

Whether you’re 80 or 8 you should have the ability to believe and search for growth.  Maruge shows us its possible even amongst the poverty and war-torn history of his native Kenya.  Not to still a line from “The Waterboy” but this seems most fitting.

“You Can Do It!”

Yes you can.




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