Countdown to DIFF – North Texas Filmmakers

3 04 2012

We check in with DIFF 2012  North Texas Style.   Raspberry Jam, Kissed By the Devil and Wolf are all showcased, click through the link.

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Defending The Caveman Dallas Style

19 03 2012

Defending the Caveman returns to Dallas this Wednesday March 21st through April 15th at the Contemporary Theatre.  We were able to chat with 20-year Producer for Defending the Caveman Jason Lindhorst, Caveman Paul Perroni (March 21st-April 1st) and Dallas’ own Caveman John Venable (April 4th-April 15th).  O and we have tickets to giveaway!!!!  Click thru for our video interview with the fellas, more info on the show and also those TICKETS!!!

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WeTV’s Texas Multi-Mamas Preview Roundtable Interview with The Todd Family.

26 12 2011

This Tuesday December 27th the We TV network premieres its new show, “Texas Multi-Mamas”.  PSD was able to chat with one of the show’s families.  Click thru for our roundtable interview preview with Ryan and Teryn Todd.

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Saved By The Flame – Interview with Firefighter, Motivational Speaker, and Author Teran Moore

16 12 2011

Firefighter, Motivational Speaker and Author Teran Moore took part in a roundtable interview earlier this year.  Teran’s first foray into writing lead to SAVED BY THE FLAME his heartwarming personal story.  Click thru to listen to the interview and find out more about Teran Moore.

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21 10 2011

I sat down with Kelly Kitchens to chat about what exactly a Step Back In Time & Bring The End To Hunger: Costume Party/Fundraiser is all about.  Click thru for the interview as well as some photos of the prizes for the raffle.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Dallas Pride Event with Pit Stop Director Yen Tan and Producer Eric Steele

12 09 2011

Wednesday Night Director/Writer/Graphic Designer Yen Tan will showcase his latest film script, Pit Stop, which is already a TFPF recipient and has started its campaign to build funds.  The evening is titled Lights. Camera, Action! Dallas Pride Event! and is presented by the Historic Texas Theater and OutTakes Dallas.  Click Thru for a round-table interview with Yen Tan and Producer Eric Steele.

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In Search of The American Dream Roundtable

7 09 2011

“In Search of the American Dream” is the story about four children and their adult brother as they desperately race across Texas for survival.  Writer/Director/Actor Baldemar Rodriguez, lead actress Shaina Sandoval, musician and producer Randy Cabellero, and other members of the cast held a press conference last week explaining the upcoming film and all that goes into getting a project of this magnitude off the ground.

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