Mamma Mia Interview with Rachel MacIsaac

2 06 2012

Mamma Mia has only four shows remaining in Dallas.  Click thru for our chat with swing cast member Rachel MacIsaac and also more information on the show.

Rachel MacIsaac chatted with us about just how she got to be part of this incredible touring production.

Being a swing in a production can be tedious in that you must know all the potential parts you could play.  Rachel expanded on what it takes to be a swing in this production.

I asked Rachel about the production having a real strong female led cast.

Rachel talked about the amazing finale to Mamma Mia.

We ended our chat by talking about some of the upcoming tour stops she’s excited to be visiting.

Now hurry up and go see one of the final shows in Dallas.  Need more motivation?

Well Mitch West of DSM made a nice video about Mamma Mia being here!!

For more info on the tour click, here.

More info on the Dallas Summer Musicals Mamma Mia tour stop click, here.




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