Sci Fi Expo 2012

14 02 2012

The precursor to Dallas Comic Con, May 19th-20th, Sci-Fi Expo was a fun weekend of comics, characters and good times.  Click through for our photo journey of Sci Fi Expo 2012.

The Irving Convention Center housed the masses.

The force was strong in Irving!

Don’t fret you Trekkies.

But easily the most beloved nerd in the whole crowd was Sheldon!!  I mean even the ghostbusters love this big bang fella.

Ok, it was just a cut-out, but you don’t know, Sheldon could be under this trooper helmet.

I knew from the parking lot that this place was going to be a hoot.

There were booths galore.

Some got title cards even.

Some had hot women and cute little toys.

But everyone came to see the stars.  ROLL CALL!   Serenity and Firefly panel.

The man making the magic happen? Mark Walters of

But Mark gladly gave the panel over to knowledgeable moderator and  good buddy, Devin Pike.

Here’s Devin with the panel.

A few close-ups of the panel members:  The legendary Ron Glass.

Adam Baldwin.

Sean Maher.

Devin Pike shared, with the panel, his top 5 list of women his wife would approve him having an affair with.  And guess who was on that list, yep lovely Jewel Staite.  In fact here is Jewel and Adam Baldwin reading the signed and notarized list!

But the other big name guest that had the fans drooling over?  Well another  Joss Whedon favorite.  Eliza Dushku.

A few more of Ms. Dushku?

and one more!

Until May!  See-ya then.




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