Dallas IFF 2011 – A Photographer’s Showcase

19 04 2011

This year’s sponsor Caddy, had a commercial that talked about re-inventing the blue blooded look.  I’m not sure if Dallas IFF 2011 did that, but it sure was a wild ride.  Take a peak at Dallas IFF 2011 with PSD’s photographer Derrick Williams and his adventure along the Red Carpet.

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Dallas IFF – Producer Brendan McDonald of The Runway

6 04 2011

A touching film that shows how a community can come together through unique circumstance and can bring about a tremendous feat of support.  Its a film that asks you to see the world through many people’s eyes.  Producer Brendan McDonald chatted with the Artistic Director of The DALLAS IFF James Faust about  The Runway, which is directed by Ian Power.

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