Exclusive Interview with Tiger Darrow part 3.

12 05 2011

Tiger Darrow will open up for Zoe Keating tomorrow night at the Kessler Theatre.  I’d like to convince you to check out the show by giving you one more look at Tiger.  Here is our third look at the talented young musician who’s mere weeks away from graduating and venturing off to the Big Apple.

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Exclusive Interview with Musician Tiger Darrow Part 2

13 04 2011

Booker T. Washington student and NYU bound Tiger Darrow is becoming a regular figure at places like The Kessler.  Get to know this young rising Musician.

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A Tiger Descended on Denton and up next is New York City.

21 03 2011

The Dallas based (Austin-Raised) musical talent Tiger Darrow is expanding from our Texas comforts to tackle the Big Apple.  The Booker T. Washington High School senior sat down with PSD to chat about the wacky good times she’s had in her 18 years.

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