Exclusive Interview with Director Derek Westerman

8 06 2011

Director Derek Westerman chatted with PSD about numerous topics including his series of shorts, BAD DADS, which stars Michael Cera and Will Hines.

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Take Me Home – Q & A with Director/Writer/Actor Sam Jaeger and Producer Jane Kelly Kosek

26 05 2011

The feature film debut from talented actor Sam Jaeger (Parenthood) is a wild ride across our country and into our hearts.  Sam and Producer Jane Kelly Kosek stopped by the USA Film Festival a few weeks back and discussed the film.  Here is the Q & A that followed the screening.

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There’s a Jungle out there – Exclusive Interview with Director Michael Webber

20 04 2011

What do you do if you see a mountain lion walking down your street?  Who do you call if you see a full-groan male lion on the freeway?  Why would you live in a home where there’s a 18 foot boa constrictor “stuck” in the wall?  These are not tales from some far off African or South American Jungle.  Rather its here in America.  Director Michael Webber’s documentary tackles the world of big game animals in towns across our country.  Interview after the jump.

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Exclusive Interview: Director Jef Taylor

13 01 2011

Leaky Tent is a production company created by Filmmakers Jef Taylor and Michael Tisdale to showcase their work.  Jef chatted with PSD about their work so far and what we can look forward to from the talented duo.

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