Rainbows End at the Texas Theatre!

21 07 2011

The rowdy East Texas fellas from Rainbows End are coming back to Dallas!!  Of course its at the ol’ Texas Theatre!  Of Course Country Willie will be there, hell he play a tune or 5! Yeah there’s a Full Bar! Is this all for a good cause, You Darn Right!  Heard there might be a swimming match in the making.   Producer/Writer Andy Cope chatted with PSD about all the awesome fun that’s going to go down in Oak Cliff this weekend!

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35mm, Scary Behind the Scenes Rooms, and TROLL HUNTER!!!

1 07 2011

Ok so this may be a little to much Texas Pride!

Last night’s 35mm test party at the Texas Theatre was a total hoot that ended with a kick ass screening of Troll Hunter.  The movie is “officially” at the Texas starting today and you NEED to see it.  Click through for some fun photos of last night, including SNEAK PEAKS into some OFF LIMIT areas at your favorite ol’ Theatre!

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The Birthday Boys at the Texas Theatre – A Roundtable.

28 05 2011

What to do this weekend?  Take part in the unique and bold production that is The Birthday Boys at the Texas Theatre and stick around for blood, guts, and rampage that is Hobo with a Shotgun.  The team behind The Birthday Boys and two of the fearless foursome that is the Texas Theatre took part in a rountable discussion about the production.

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Burning RUBBER – A Journey!

18 04 2011

It seems like every time there is a major event at the Texas Theatre I need to find a “new” way to venture on over to Oak Cliff’s latest sensation.  I feel like if I need to cross the Trinity River I need to do it in refreshing and unique way.  Well the opening night screening of current indie-hit RUBBER seemed most fitting for a change of travel plans.  Here is the journey I had while burning some RUBBER.

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Tales from the Texas Theatre with Director Geoff Marslett

23 02 2011

Director Geoff Marslett has been traveling all over the world promoting his fantastic film MARS.  The film and its Director made it over to the Texas Theatre the other night.  Enjoy the in-depth Q & A that Geoff had with his captivated Dallas audience.

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Tales from the Texas Theatre with Director Bryan Poyser

21 02 2011

Director Bryan Poyser gets the Soto Boy Design + Illustration treatment!!

When you get the “Soto Brothers” respect, its almost like you’ve now made it into the cool club.  Director Bryan Poyser has been in the “industry” for 15 plus years slaving over thoughtful dramas that really push your buttons.  Bryan was showcasing his latest feature, Lovers of Hate, at the always rowdy Texas Theatre.  I was able to sit down with the talented director and discuss his two feature films.

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