Looking Through The Lens With DP Rob Hauer

9 08 2011

Continuing our look at the 2011 25 New Faces of Independent Filmmaking by Filmmaker Magazine, PSD interviewed Director of Photography Rob Hauer.  Here is Part 1 of our 2 part chat with the talented DP.

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Exclusive Interview with Director Derek Westerman

8 06 2011

Director Derek Westerman chatted with PSD about numerous topics including his series of shorts, BAD DADS, which stars Michael Cera and Will Hines.

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A Tiger Descended on Denton and up next is New York City.

21 03 2011

The Dallas based (Austin-Raised) musical talent Tiger Darrow is expanding from our Texas comforts to tackle the Big Apple.  The Booker T. Washington High School senior sat down with PSD to chat about the wacky good times she’s had in her 18 years.

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SXSW Bound with Director of Photography Oliver Bokelberg part 1

8 03 2011

Oliver Bokelberg on Win Win set.  Photo by Kimberly Wright.

Thomas McCarthy’s latest film Win Win is going to be at SXSW.  PSD chatted with Tom’s director of photography, on all of McCarthy’s films, Oliver Bokelberg.  Enjoy our chat with this extremely talented Cinematographer.

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