Fest So Hard: A Brief 35 Denton Recap

21 03 2012

We came. We saw. We fested.

35 Denton came and went way to fast. Year after year, those dudes program a great festival (conferette?) in one of my favorite cities ever. Check out some video highlights and pictures of all the action (including a little afterparty action). And if you didn’t make it out this year, that’s on you bro. Hit the jump for some exclusive pics and vids.

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35 Denton Preview: Day 2

5 03 2012

(Bethan: Come and play with us)

The outdoor main stages open for day two of #35D. They worked out great last year, so let’s hope the weather holds up this year.

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35 Denton Preview: Day 1

5 03 2012

(Final Club is, ah, real comfortable with each other)

Ah yes, it’s my favorite time of year: festival season. And it all starts with the four day walkable conferette in Denton America, 35 Denton. Here’s a real quick rundown of where you should be on Thursday. But above all, go see tons of bands you’ve never heard of. Trust me.

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Sessions at The Local Edge: Air Review

1 07 2011

Dallas band Air Review brought their thoughtful, intricate indie rock jams to The Local Edge studios. This is a song off their 2009 record, Landmarks, which was the best record of the year.

Calhoun: Live In-Studio

3 05 2011

Ft. Worth’s Calhoun dropped by The Local Edge for a little acoustic action. Their latest record, Heavy Sugar (Idol), is easily their best to date and one of the best albums I’ve heard this year.

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35 Conferette Recap

28 03 2011

Congrats on another successful 35 Conferette (formerly NX35). This year saw the fest finally realized as a walkable event with two well placed outdoor stages just off the Square. I was only there for the first two days, but I made the most of it. So many highlights. So many PBRs. So very Denton.

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35 Conferette: Day 1

10 03 2011

It is time once again for the eyes of America to focus in on a small town just north of Dallas. That town is Denton, America and the 2011 edition of 35 Conferette (formerly NX35). 35 Conferette is a walkable 4-day music conference programmed in the heart of Denton, Texas’ central business district, and is easily the most lovable music event in town.

If you haven’t done so yet, I’d suggest buying a wristband through Prekindle now, and support all of the local music that will be represented during 35C, not to mention all the big name national acts. Here are my picks for Thursday:
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