DIFF 2012 – RoboCop talks UNT Jazz, Literacy, and the Power of Education

24 04 2012

DIFF 2012 welcomed a huge group of talent and crew for the 25th Anniversary Screening of Robocop at the Texas Theatre.  Yep, that is James Faust aka RoboFaust!  Click thru for our wonderfully fun interview with Robocop himself, Peter “Cool” Weller.

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John Lithgow Art of Film 2011 Conversation with Elvis Mitchell

22 11 2011

Here is our final look at the wonderful Art of Film 2011 which honored John Lithgow with the DALLAS Star Award at the majestic Hall of State in Fair Park.  Click thru for photos from the red carpet, audio clips from the Conversation with Elvis Mitchell and a nice video of Peter Weller talking about RoboCop !!

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Elevate – Interview with Director Anne Buford

4 11 2011

PSD chatted with Director Anne Buford about her time at Vogue with Anna Wintour, her incredible basketball documentary Elevate, her alma-mater KU, and of course the Spurs!!!

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The Art Of Film, Honoring Film & Theatre Legend JOHN LITHGOW!

17 10 2011

The Art of Film for 2011 will be given to John Lithgow.  To honor such a great choice, PSD wanted to share our favorite 10 roles from the iconic actor.

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15 07 2011

Hey Film-makers of the world make sure to get your films ready because the DALLAS IFF is now open to entries.  Sarah and the rest of the stellar Dallas Film Society Staff are prepping for another grand festival and they need your entries to figure it all out.  Don’t by Shy, YOU ARE A FILM MAKER!!!

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Dallas IFF 2011 – A Photographer’s Showcase

19 04 2011

This year’s sponsor Caddy, had a commercial that talked about re-inventing the blue blooded look.  I’m not sure if Dallas IFF 2011 did that, but it sure was a wild ride.  Take a peak at Dallas IFF 2011 with PSD’s photographer Derrick Williams and his adventure along the Red Carpet.

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Odds and Ends of the DALLAS IFF 2011

12 04 2011

I’ve always thought the saying ‘odds and ends’ meant remnants  or miscellaneous items.  This definition seems better though, – The first official odds and ends were found in lumberyards—odds were pieces of board split irregularly by the sawmill, ends were pieces trimmed from boards that were cut to specific lengths.

Farlex Trivia Dictionary. © 2011 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved.

Here are those irregular (or how bout unique) bits and pieces mixed in with those specifically cut trimmed boards that make the DALLAS IFF 2011 stand up and out.

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