DIFF 2012 – Raspberry Jam and fun photos from the Red Carpet

17 04 2012

Just good times with DIFF 2012!!!  Click thru for a sneak peak into the wonderful North Texas short film Raspberry Jam and some more fun photos with George Wada.

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Exclusive Interview Director Jules Bartkowski

27 02 2012

ALOUETTE is a five episode web series set in contemporary New Orleans.  The show is co-created and co-directed by Jules Bartkowski and Dylan Pasture .  The web series will premiere in March and PSD wanted to get to know the filmmakers behind the show.  Earlier this month we posted our interview with Dylan, & here is our chat with Jules Bartkowski.

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Exclusive Interview with Director Dylan Pasture

9 02 2012

Later this month Co-Directors Dylan Pasture and Jules Bartkowski will premiere a dark web-series entitled Alouette.  I was able to chat with both directors about their film histories and much more!  Click thru for our chat with Writer/Director Dylan Pasture.

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Exclusive Interview at the Modern with Frank Mosley, John Elliott and Crystal Pate of “Her Wilderness”

27 10 2011

Her Wilderness ‘ Writer/Director Frank Mosley and Actors Crystal Pate and John Elliott chatted with PSD about the upcoming film.  Click through to check out the video interview held at the beautiful Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

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Dallas Video Fest Bound with Director Cameron Nelson, Actors Frank Mosley and Jodie Moore

20 09 2011

The Dallas Video Fest kicks off tomorrow evening at the Texas Theater.  Here is our video roundtable chat with Director Cameron Nelson and Actors Frank Mosley and Jodie Moore of Dallas Video Fest selections In Kind and New Animal.

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Exclusive Interview with Hot/Cold Writer/Director Frank Mosley, leading ladies Morgana Shaw and Lauren McCune

16 06 2011

Writer/Director Frank Mosley’s upcoming feature film Hot/Cold is starting to come together nicely.  PSD was able to sit down with Frank and two of his lovely lead ladies, Lauren McCune and Morgana Shaw.  Click through for the video interview!

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Exclusive Interview with Writer/Actor Robby Storey

10 05 2011

Robby Storey is a locally based actor/writer/producer who’s currently working on the Frank Mosley Directed project Hot/Cold .  Robby took part in an email interview for PSD in which he discusses his career so far.  Enjoy our Exclusive look into one of North Texas’ more dynamic writers and actors.

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