Sarah’s Key Author Tatiana De Rosnay

26 07 2011

Sarah’s Key is a tremendously well made movie that deserves recognition in the upcoming awards season.  Easily one of the most moving films of 2011 and a testament to the importance of knowing one’s history.  An amazing mixture of fictionalized story with actual historical events have given Author Tatiana De Rosnay rock-star status in Europe.  She’s the “IT” author as her  moving book Sarah’s Key has captivated over 40 countries.  PSD had the great honor to chat with Tatiana about her life, her books, her publishers, her children, and this incredible film that has truly transformed her own life.

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TriBeCa Film Festival 2011 Short Film Exclusives with Director Maggie Kiley and Director Logi Hilmarsson

3 05 2011

TriBeCa Film Festival 2011 online section and the well respected shorts categories really allowed for some real gems.  Director Logi Hilmarsson’s short film, Gravity, makes you question just what the heck is going on in crazy ol’ Iceland.  Director Maggie Kiley’s short film, Some Boys Don’t Leave, is a heart-wrenching look at one fella’s attempt to hold onto a dying relationship.  Both films are perfect examples of the quality that came from this year’s TriBeCa Film Festival and I’d like to share with you the email interviews I conducted with both Directors.

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