Countdown to DIFF – North Texas Filmmakers

3 04 2012

We check in with DIFF 2012  North Texas Style.   Raspberry Jam, Kissed By the Devil and Wolf are all showcased, click through the link.

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John Lithgow Art of Film 2011 Conversation with Elvis Mitchell

22 11 2011

Here is our final look at the wonderful Art of Film 2011 which honored John Lithgow with the DALLAS Star Award at the majestic Hall of State in Fair Park.  Click thru for photos from the red carpet, audio clips from the Conversation with Elvis Mitchell and a nice video of Peter Weller talking about RoboCop !!

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15 07 2011

Hey Film-makers of the world make sure to get your films ready because the DALLAS IFF is now open to entries.  Sarah and the rest of the stellar Dallas Film Society Staff are prepping for another grand festival and they need your entries to figure it all out.  Don’t by Shy, YOU ARE A FILM MAKER!!!

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Evil Bong 3-D HERE on 4-20!

19 04 2011

PSD wants you all to grind up your favorite white widow nug and come take over the INWOOD THEATER on 4-20.   Director Charles Band of Puppet Master, Re-Animator, and Ghoulies fame is here to present the sequel to Evil Bong, Evil Bong 3-D the Wrath of Bong!

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Dallas IFF 2011 – Euforia Live at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

4 04 2011

DIFF 2011 has out done itself.  A spectacular evening at Euforia Live at the Nasher Sculpture Garden on Sunday Night showcased the tremendous talents of fine artist Rolando Diaz (hat) and Composer/Pianist Seth Simmons.  Seth chatted with us just moments before the duo captivated a stylish audience, in which included Scrubs Star Judy Reyes.

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