DIFF 2012 Star Award Honoree Bernie Pollack

26 04 2012

Veteran Costume Designer and fashion consultant to the stars Bernie Pollack was graciously awarded a DIFF 2012 Star Award this past week.  We were able to not only chat with Bernie on the Red Carpet, but also caught his story-filled Panel at the Nasher Sculpture Center this past Saturday.  Click thru for a few of the amazing tales from Bernie’s life.

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DIFF 2012 – RoboCop talks UNT Jazz, Literacy, and the Power of Education

24 04 2012

DIFF 2012 welcomed a huge group of talent and crew for the 25th Anniversary Screening of Robocop at the Texas Theatre.  Yep, that is James Faust aka RoboFaust!  Click thru for our wonderfully fun interview with Robocop himself, Peter “Cool” Weller.

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DIFF 2012 – My Way Q & A with Director Kang Je-Kyu

23 04 2012

This year DIFF 2012 did a wonderful job showcase the world-wide appeal of the festival.  The South Korean Spotlight shined brightly with My Way taking home the Narrative Feature Audience Award.  Click thru for the Q & A that followed the film’s Tuesday evening screening and for more information on this gripping tale from South Korean Director Je-kyu Kang.

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DIFF 2012 – DFS Honors Red Carpet Interviews and Award Winners

23 04 2012

The DIFF 2012 DFS Honors didn’t happen anywhere near this rooftop view of Downtown Dallas, but it dig bring some fine folks to our fair city!!  Click thru for Red Carpet Interviews with Texas Avery Animation Award recipient Glen Keane, Star Award Honorees Gabourey Sidibe & Bernie Pollack and a special guest interview with producer Ronald L. Schwary.   Also check out the awesome award winners from the 6th Dallas International Film Festival.

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DIFF 2012 – Save The Date

18 04 2012

It is still a bit early in the festival to say what my most loved films will be, but easily Michael Mohan‘s  Save the Date will be on that list.  Click thru for our video interview with Director Michael Mohan.

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DIFF 2012 – Raspberry Jam and fun photos from the Red Carpet

17 04 2012

Just good times with DIFF 2012!!!  Click thru for a sneak peak into the wonderful North Texas short film Raspberry Jam and some more fun photos with George Wada.

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DIFF 2012 – 1st Saturday Interviews

15 04 2012

Funny what you’ll see coming home after, another, late night DIFF 2012 screening.  The only folks on the road when I was nearing my home was this fancy “taxi”.  Anyways for DIFF 2012 Interviews with Directors Jeffery Schwarz, Karin Hayes, Famke Janssen, and Actor Rory Cochrane click thru.  Read the rest of this entry »