“He was but as the cuckoo is in JUNE, Heard, not regarded.”

1 06 2012

The many events and shows that will occupy our summertime days and nights.  Click thru for our Top 10 of June.

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Fine February – PSD’s Monthly Calendar

1 02 2012

The Dallas Theater Center’s GIANT, the epic feeling play, leads off our calender for February.  A play that highlights more then just 27 years in West Texas but showcases a “country’s” growth into the modern world.  There is still time to see the wonderful play and a ton of other fun February highlights.  Click thru for some PSD picks this month.

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January 2012 Calendar – Why its NOT the End of the World as we know it!

6 01 2012

Randomness seems most fitting with this being the year that the world ends (thanks MAYANS!!).  I figure a random photo of a “Truck-on-Fire” and that has just as much importance to opening the new year then anything!  So instead of worrying about fires or the end of the world how about we live up to the song, “And I Feel Fine” (Aw crap REM broke up last year didn’t they – geez we’re SCREWED).  Well, in the mean time why not have a fun year?  Click thru for some events around town that can make your new year start off with a proper kick ass January bang!

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Dallas Theater Center’s 2011 Christmas Carol Perfect for Kids and Adults

6 12 2011

The 2011 DTC Christmas Carol showcases a fresh look at the classic story, as a majority of the actors will be playing their iconic roles for the very first time.  Easily one of the best shows to see this month! Click thru for pics and my review of this year’s rendition of the classic Charles Dickens story.

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A Gathering: The Dallas Arts Community Reflects on 30 Years of AIDS.

30 11 2011

Next Tuesday evening at the Winspear Opera House a special event will bring together some of Dallas’ finest artists to remember and reflect on the AIDS pandemic.  PSD was kindly invited to the show’s first rehearsal and we wanted to share with you some of the shots from behind the scenes of this amazing show.

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Block Party Time at the Ol’ ATT PAC!

7 07 2011

Tomorrow Evening is the “Ease on Down the Road” block party at the AT&T Performing Arts Center to celebrate the opening of Dallas Theater Center’s The Wiz!  To help usher in this awesome Friday Adventure PSD would like to share with you the fun that happened at the Summer Block Party a few weeks back!

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