Director Tom McCarthy knows ‘Raslin.

18 03 2011

Director Thomas McCarthy‘s latest film,  Win Win, is a wonderful film that takes an entertaining and yet realistic look into the struggles of a middle-class family.  Tom took part of a round-table and was awesome enough to expand on some of the elements in his great film, easily one of the best so far in 2011.

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SXSW Bound with Director Tom McCarthy

13 03 2011

Monday March 14th Director Tom McCarthy’s latest film, WIN WIN, will play at SXSW at the Paramount Theatre on 713 Congress Ave at 7:15pm.  Tom was in Dallas for a few days this week.  Here is audio from a Q & A Tom had with Gordon and the Whale‘s James Wallace.

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SXSW BOUND with Cinematographer Oliver Bokelberg part 2

10 03 2011

Early in the week we showcased part 1 of our chat with the talented DP Oliver Bokelberg.  Here is part two of our chat and he started this section out by talking about one of our greatest directors (and a PSD vet).

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Exclusive Interview: Mary Jane Skalski part 2

18 01 2011

In a matter of days Mary Jane Skalski will be back at Sundance with two films, Dee Rees’ Pariah and Tom McCarthy’s Win Win.  Here is part 2 of our exclusive interview with the highly acclaimed producer.

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