Euro 2012 – Look Out Brazil.

8 06 2012

Euro 2012 will go a long way to giving us a real look into the contenders for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil.  Minus the other South American giants (Argentina and Uruguay), The Mexicans, and miracle of miracles the USA the only hope to steal Brazil’s party of the century is going to come out of these 16 European countries.  The final 4 in particular are my picks for the favorites heading across the “pond” to the mystique and beauty of the Amazon.  Click thru for our game-by-game breakdown of Euro 2012.

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Pros and Cons Red Carpet Premiere Interviews

24 05 2012

Pros and Cons held its Red Carpet Premiere at Lakewood Theater on Sunday May 20th.  Here are our interviews with the cast and crew of this Dallas made raucous comedy.

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6 04 2012

This photo was taken last year.  I do love Easter Baseball!!  Well, Good Friday aka 1st night Pesach is the perfect time to start up baseball!!  We’ll all be struggling with Moses and Jesus big moments of Zen.  Click thru for an old guy’s opinion on the 2012-13 Baseball season.

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UNDEFEATED – Interview with Head Coach Bill Courtney

2 03 2012

The word Character is defined as, “moral or ethical quality: a man of fine, honorable character.”.  Bill Courtney volunteered his time, energy and heart to a community in one of the most down trodden areas of Memphis, Tennessee.  Undefeated is the Oscar winning documentary, from Dan Lindsey and TJ Martin, that captures the final season in Bill Courtney’s historic tenure as Manassas High School’s Head Coach.  PSD was able to chat with Coach Courtney about the documentary, the high school and most importantly the kids who’s lives he helped impact for the better.

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Sports Dads Q & A with Star Deion Sanders and Crew.

23 01 2012

Irving based 1820 Productions held a special screening of their new Veria TV show, Sports Dads starring Deion Sanders.  Deion along with series Directors Daniel Piatt, Korey Miller, Editor Edwin Harris and Executive Producer Sara Madsen Miller took part in a post screening Q & A.  Click thru for a portion of the interview as well as information on the show.

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USTA Pro Circuit’s Challenger of Dallas at T Bar M Racquet Club with Dirk Nowitzki

6 03 2011

Yp.Com presented The Challenger of Dallas, A USTA Pro Circuit Event, at the impressive T Bar M Racquet Club here in Dallas.  I was invited out to the event to cover not only the semi-final matches but also to highlight the wonderful activities of the Dallas Tennis Association‘s National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) program.  Specifically the kids from the program were out and about for the Challenger and after the second semi-final’s conclusion, the kids got to experience the courts.  O and a very special guest, Dirk Nowitzki, showed up!!!

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Champions League Quarter Finals – First legs – Pt. 2

30 03 2010

How’s the saying go?  If you let a bird free and it comes back you get to eat it?   This is sort of like that…

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