Exclusive Interview with Director Callie Lane

5 07 2011

Here is our latest addition to the PSD Exclusive Interview with an up-and-coming Director series.  Meet British Writer/Director Callie Lane who’s short film Talk stars Stefan D’Bart and Emma Rigby.

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Exclusive Interview with Director Ed Lilly

9 05 2011

Director Ed Lilly is a young, up-and-coming British Director who’s style and artistic talent has already garnered him tremendous praise across the pond.  PSD would like to introduce you to the Directing talent that should be causing a stir over on this side of the ol’ pond, sooner rather then later.  Get to know Director Ed Lilly after the break.

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Exclusive Interview The Brehms Part 3

9 02 2011

This upcoming Monday evening is Valentine’s Day!!  Have you figured out what to do?  Do you want to treat your significant other or maybe even find that special someone?  Well make plans to spend your evening with The Brehms at the Contemporary Theater Dallas! Here is our final part to the interview with Stephanie and David Brehm.

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Exclusive Interview with Director Jeremy Konner

4 02 2011

Director Jeremy Konner photo by Eric Haase.

Critically acclaimed Director Jeremy Konner has made us rethink history with his hysterical series Drunk History that he created with Derek Waters.  He’s also helped showcase the real side of Tenacious D and even recently has given us the newest look of the band She and Him.  Overall this bold funny man is reinventing the way we look at the world around us.  Jeremy was kind enough to have a nice long chat about his career and I hope you enjoy the candid look inside.

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Live From Daryl’s House – Interwebs Gold

16 09 2009

Almost completely by accident, I stumbled across a little piece of genius on the internetz.  And it involves one of these men….

Live From Daryl’s House is a web series that has apparently been around for a couple of years, yet no one has seemed to notice.  Well, Daryl Hall, I notice.  I notice real hard.  He’s had stars like John Oates, Smokey Robinson, the great Todd Rundgren, and John Oates stop by his house, hang out, and make some sweet, sweet music with him.

The newest episode was posted a couple of days ago and it features the greatness of Todd Rundgren. “Can We Still Be Friends” is still one of my all-time favorites, and was the anthem of many failed college relationships.

You can also follow the web show on Twitter @LFDHcom if you’re into that sort of thing.