11 – N O V E M B E R

1 11 2011

Its simple, I was born in November and I was named after the 11th of the 12 tribes of Israel.  Add that this year is the MAGICAL 11-11-11!!!  To highlight this awesome month how about a quick peak at some of the wonderful events that will be in the DFW area.

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Dallas Institute Open Discussion on Mexican Drug Wars

3 10 2011

On October 6, 2011, 6:30 – 8:30 PM, the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture’s Institute 100 will present a program entitled “The Mexican Drug Wars” by Brookings Institution Fellow Dr. Vanda Felbab-Brown, a leading expert on drug interdiction efforts and counter-insurgency.  For more information click thru.

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Exclusive Interview with Director Callie Lane

5 07 2011

Here is our latest addition to the PSD Exclusive Interview with an up-and-coming Director series.  Meet British Writer/Director Callie Lane who’s short film Talk stars Stefan D’Bart and Emma Rigby.

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TFW Zombie Walk through Derrick Terrell’s Lens

13 05 2011

Not even Waldo could hide from those damn Zombies.

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Nothing Like a DEAD CAT to ruin your party.

2 05 2011

Tribeca Film Festival 2011 just wrapped up this weekend.  One of the short films from the Shorts: Exit Strategies that stood out was the comedy Dead Cat.  Enjoy our Exclusive Interview with Director Jay Reiss, Writer Daniel Milder and Editor Ravi Subramanian of Dead Cat.

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Texas FrightMare Weekend – Exclusive with the main man himself Loyd Cryer

27 04 2011

Do you realize that all your deepest and darkest fears are about to be eclipsed by the multi-tude of SCARY ass folks coming to town?  Who knows what the heck is going to go down!!  Here is our Exclusive Interview with the man behind the festival – Loyd Cryer.

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Francis the Ex-Chicken

10 08 2009

This is quite possible one of the most amazing scary things ever SEEN!!!

From good friend at the Dallas Observer – Meet Warren and his pet Chicken…I mean Rooster….I mean was his pet….I mean WOW!!

My pet chicken Frances turned out to be Frank. The rooster. Which is illegal in the city, not to mention obnoxiously loud and aggressive. Releasing a SECOND rooster in Highland Park just didn’t sound funny.  While pondering the problem and eyeing Frank it occurred to me; hey, you’re pretty plump! So Frank was going to be dinner. We settled on beheading because everyone wanted to see the carcass run around “like a chicken with it’s head cut off”.  Which did not happen.  What did happen was infinitely better…..