Interview with Director Jesse Baget

24 05 2012

Jesse Baget is a rising talent in the movie world.  PSD chatted with Jesse about his quirky comedy Cellmates (out now on VOD and June 1st in theaters), his upcoming project Wild Side (starring Nicolas Cage, Juno Temple and Johnny Knoxville), and about the new southern voice that him and his writing/producing partner Stefania Moscato have created.  Click thru for our chat with Jesse.

Jesse and I started our chat by talking about his youth spent in Tucson, Arizona.

We discussed his film El Mascarado Massacre (Wrestlemaniac).

There was a bit of hiatus between Wrestlemaniac and Cellmates.

I asked Jesse about working with Stefania.

We discussed the type of voice Stefania and Jesse are hoping to create with their writing.

Jesse talked about wanting a more dramatic actor to be the lead, Leroy Lowe, in Cellmates.

The shoot itself was on a short time table.

The location was pretty unusual.

I asked Jesse about having the great Stacy Keach in the film.

In our discussions of quality actors, I asked Jesse about what films inspired him and he had a unique  response.

Jesse wanted PSD readers to enjoy a Behind The Scenes look into Cellmates.

Speaking of inspirations we discussed what inspired Jesse’s film, Breathless.

And finally Jesse talked about his upcoming film Wild Side .




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