USA Film Festival – Terrific Trifecta – Elliott Gould, Jenna Fischer and Rob Reiner!!!

7 05 2012

Click thru for our video of Q & A’s with Dorfman ‘s Elliott Gould , THE GIANT MECHANICAL MAN‘S Lee Kirk/Jenna Fischer & THE MAGIC OF BELLE ISLE‘s Rob Reiner.

The dreaded sickness that has ventured thru Dallas this past month or so robbed me of seeing more films at this year’s USA Film Festival.  I caught just three films, but luckily all three were well worth the time and effort.  Dorfman is a well written romantic comedy about where real love can be found.  Deb Dorfman (played by Sara Rue) goes from a ugly duckling, scared to try things on her own, to a bold and beautiful go-getter.  It’s her chance encounter with Haaz Sleiman‘s Cookie that helps Deb to find her real passion and to help reinvigorate Elliott Gould’s sad Burt Dorfman.  Keep a real eye on Haaz who was utterly heartbreaking in the underrated The Visitor.   The film showcases writer Wendy Kout‘s intelligent pacing and quirky sense of humor.  It’s a great small low-budget romantic comedy that hopefully will be discovered for its positive female lead and real voice on what’s important in life.  Find out more about the film, here.

Speaking of romantic comedies, The Giant Mechanical Man is a bit more introspective and against the grain of typical plot structures.  Writer/Director Lee Kirk along with his awesome wife Jenna Fischer have created a moving look into love for two lost people.  As you heard in the Q & A above, Jenna really wanted to make a romantic comedy that didn’t stick to the sad structure of ‘mean guys still get the girl in the end’.  Instead we’re given flawed characters that gain a real clarity and change in their entire demeanor, thoughts, and future.  To find out more about the film click, here.

Finally a real treat, the talented Rob Reiner has given us another heartfelt and moving film about how a lost soul can find himself in the most unique place.  Morgan Freeman continues to showcase why he is the voice that speaks directly into our souls.  It’s a voice of truth, love, and overcoming all odds to succeed.  Dallas’ own Emma Fuhrmann shines brightly in every scene and gave the screening a nice home-coming feel for the packed crowd.  Click, here, for more info on this tale of a writer who struggles to find his voice again.

For more on the USA Film Festival please click, here.




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18 05 2012

Saw the screening at the Angelika, Dallas. Great film. lots of laughs and loved the story line. Morgan and Emma make the movie.

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