DIFF After Hours with PSD: Just Another Tuesday Night

27 04 2012

Words by Kara Brock

I’ve heard that movie stars’ big night out on the town is Tuesday nights because all the average people are at home resting up for work the next day. And maybe that is why last Tuesday night was the night to party at DIFF. It started, of course, at the Angelika at Mockingbird Station seeing Sironia.

After the screening (read about it here) we headed to People’s Last Stand for the official after party. It must be stated that People’s Last Stand has become one of our favorite bars. We were greeted at the door with a glass of champagne and a great gift bag full of gift cards to a few restaurants in Mockingbird Station. Each table had a lovely spread of cheese, crackers and fruit that complimented the champs very well. They also had an amazing chicken stuffed avocado. The most surprising thing was that nobody was at the party. The great thing about DIFF parties is that they are very exclusive. Most after parties are advertised exclusively by word of mouth, but you don’t want to make them so exclusive that nobody knows about your great party, which is exactly what happened here.

A short walk around the Trinity Hall Irish Pub and we were at the Faulkner Design DIFF Lounge. This year’s DIFF Lounge (which was formally Deux nightclub) is quite spacious. The Faulkner design group signed on to decorate the lounge. I have always thought whoever decorated the lounge previously did a fabulous job. It has always been very on trend and has had a great flow. Faulkner design may have had too much space to work with but it is lacking in décor and therefor it makes the space feel cold. I have said this before but the best change has been the addition of G Texas Custom catering. They have even changed up the menu a bit from night to night to add some variety to those who are sleeping, eating, and breathing DIFF this year. Of course the staple of any good lounge is the drinks. This year’s lounge featured drinks from Stella Artois, Barefoot Wines, and Deep Eddy Vodka. For a sober night, there was Vitamin Water and Smart Water. Tuesday’s entertainment was a nice change from the usual DJ and featured the star of Sironia, Wes Cunningham. We just wish more people were paying attention to his acoustic stylings.

An awesome feature to the film festival that not many people take advantage of is the free Boardwalk Auto Group VW rides to different festival events. Just hop into a VW and minutes later you have gone from Mockingbird Station to the after party of the Korean film My Way at the Trammel Crow Asian Arts. I have been to the Crow before but never for a soiree of this kind. Walking up the steps of the Trammel Crow at night allows you to take in all the beauty of the venue and not just the equally beautiful art. The water features, up-lit landscaping, and the views of the Downtown Dallas are perfectly fused together. It makes one feel proud to be in Dallas.

After getting a drink from the open bar and nibbling on some BBQ sliders and this amazing made-to-order corn concoction, we were treated to a video about a piece of sand art that was being made by Buddhist monks. The video peaked our interest and so we ventured into the museum, cocktails in hand. The inside was as gorgeous as the outside. The video did not do the Buddhist sand art justice. The best part of this pieice? Once the monks are finished creating it, they destroy it.

Three parties on a Tuesday night? Such is DIFF.




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