Brinker International Forum’s Modern Family Panel

25 04 2012

A comedy night to never forget!  Mitchell Pritchett, Phil Dunphy and Cameron Tucker, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ty Burrell and Eric Stonestreet along with co-creator Steve Levitan took part in a hilarious conversation with PSD fave Bob Wilonsky.  Click thru for a few pics and our top 5 moments from the panel.

Of course Eric and the fellas discussed the over-the-top nature of scenes like this, but it wasn’t one of our top 5 moments!

5. Co-Creator Steve Levitan gave us all the low-down on how Phil Dunphy and the Dunphy family are similar to his family.  They both share 2 girls and 1 boy and Steve talked about how he always wanted to be considered the cool dad.

4.  Eric Stonestreet coming out wearing a black cowboy hat and then quickly taking it off, because it was obviously too hot on his head.  It was amazing to hear how Eric is a good ol’ boy from the heart of Kansas and shared a “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk” moment with the crowd.

3.  The fellas all answering the question of what shows they watched as kids.  Steve talked about Dick Van Dyke (who’s coming to the Winspear on May 29th!!!), and shows like Cheers.  Ty made the great joke of saying shows that Steve did like Just Shoot Me.  Jesse is a huge I Love Lucy fan, of course the redheads would stick together.  And Eric also brought up Dick Van Dyke and the greatness of the Mary Tyler Moore show.

2.  Ty was discussing how he’d not had a job that lasted longer then 8 or 9 months until Modern Family and how grateful he was about having stability.  Eric followed it up with saying that as a bit role and guest spot guy he’d never had a gig for more then 8 or 9 DAYS.  Jesse followed this up with the line of the night (well to us Jews at least!), “Wow, that’s not even as long as Hanukkah!”.

Ty and Eric signing autographs after the show, Steve Levitan in the background.

1.  Easily the moment of the night for me was when the fellas talked about the moments they realized they had a hit show.  Ty and Eric had really thoughtful tales of fans that truly loved Modern Family.  But, Jesse decided to tell the hilarious tale of how he was in the airport going thru security and a lady screamed at him.  She was being “patted” down at the time, but was yelling for a “picture, come over here for a picture!”.  Jesse then says how amazing it is when folks can be getting Anally Probed and still show them love.  Then the fellas had a laugh about saying anally probed in such a fancy place as a Opera House.   Eric Stonecrest, “Yeah why don’t ya say anally probed five more freaking times”!

Ok lets end thing with the three fellas in one of my favorite scenes.

Another amazing evening made possible by the Brinker International Forum and the fine folks at the ATTPAC!!




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30 04 2012
Kelly J Kitchens Wickersham

I really hated to miss this event. Thanks for the thorough recap!

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