DIFF 2012 – Raspberry Jam and fun photos from the Red Carpet

17 04 2012

Just good times with DIFF 2012!!!  Click thru for a sneak peak into the wonderful North Texas short film Raspberry Jam and some more fun photos with George Wada.

Lets start out with a nice roundtable interview with the gang from Raspberry Jam.

and now DIFF 2012 opening night red carpet with Director Courtney Ware and Producer Meredith Burke.

Also a look into some of the other North Texas Talent.

Here is some Red Carpet Photos from George Wada.  We’ll start things out with North Texas Kissed By the Devil team.

A little love to the fine Austin folks that made one of the fest’s other short film gems, Kat Candler’s Hellion .

Twilight time young ladies.

Freaking Jean Grey and Lucas aka Slater!

Speaking of Rory and Famke.

the adorable Bailee Madison of Cowgirls n’ Angels says hi.

and finally the awesome APL group brought sold out shows, crazy folks in paint and loud cowboy chants in the theaters to DIFF 2012!




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