La Cage Aux Folles Interviews with George Hamilton & Christopher Sieber

13 04 2012

Running thru April 22nd at Dallas’ Music Hall at Fair Park, La Cage Aux Folles is a perfect escape into an on-point humor-filled production mixed in with a deeper point of view for what makes a truly strong family.  PSD had the chance to chat with the two leads in the production.

George Hamilton, Christopher Sieber and The Column Online’s John Garcia play a little game of footsie.

KTVT Channel 11’s Sandy Newton and George are talking about me, at least I think they are.  Pimp suit Georgie!

Speaking of Mr. Hamilton, here is our chat with the ageless icon.

The ladder sequence that George and I talk about in the video is well worth the price of admission to this uproarious musical.  Make sure to arrive on time or show opener Lily Whiteass will call you out in front of everyone.

And now our talk with the talented Christopher Sieber.




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