SXSW 2012: Saturday

10 04 2012

(All photos courtesy of Kara Schectman Photography)

At this point, I’m pretty much running off of breakfast tacos and Tito’s vodka. And whatever free chips they’re handing out. Today on the agenda was the Rachel Ray day party, Filter Showdown at Cedar Street, Hype Hotel, Rachel Ray Greenhouse, etc. Protip: There’s no time to stop and eat at festival or you’ll lose precious minutes. Always keep moving. And drinking.

Bob Schneider – This was at the Rachel Ray day party. It’s pretty much not a trip to Austintown without seeing Bob at some point. Protip: Unless you plan on getting to Stubb’s by 7am, don’t bother even trying to get the free food. The free booze is inside and it is plentiful.

The Click Clack Boom – Brooklyn bros who were throwing down some catchy indie rock jams until they started having technical difficulties. They handled it like pros and hung out with the fans and handed out canvas tote bags.

The Shivas – We headed north for our yearly pilgrimage to Trudy’s Texas Star (best Mexican Martini and migas in the world), and on the way back stopped into a free day party happening at Spider House. They had, I kid you not, seven stages going on at once. We stopped in to see this band from Washington and I was impressed by their retro garage pop.

Body Language – Straight dance jams in the Hype Hotel. Also, free Tito’s. Also, more of those free Dorito’s that were so good in my mouth.

Oberhofer – Saw these dudes at 35 Denton and I wanted to see them again just to make sure. Yes, they are really good.

Givers – Incredibly talented with tons of energy on stage.

The Cringe – They made me do exactly that.

Dexter Freebish – I could go on for days about how much I still love DF. They understand how to write a pop song.

Soft Metals – Maybe I wasn’t in the mood for heavy bass electronica drone-core after the pop stylings of Dexter Freebish. But also, they just weren’t very good.

And with that, our SXSW 2012 came to a close. Did we run through the Dorito’s stage one more time to grab eight more bags of chips and all the free Mountain Dew we could carry for the ride home? Maybe. These are things you do to survive at festival. Can’t wait to do it all again next year.

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