Exclusive Interview with Cinematographer Noah Rosenthal

2 04 2012

We caught up with DP Noah Rosenthal, by phone this time, about SXSW 2012 with Fat Kid Rules the World , working with the Alexa, and much much more.  Click thru for our audio interview with the talented young cinematographer.

Here is our chat with Noah.

Noah’s webstie – arkfilms.net

First up we started chatting about working with Matthew Lillard on his directorial debut, Fat Kid Rules the World.   In particular, the way in which daddy rosenthal helped introduce the two fellas.

The team shot in and around the Seattle area.

Noah talked about pre-production with Matt really helped in the bonding process.

The star of Fat Kid Rules the World  is Jacob Wysocki

Troy’s dad in the film is played by the awesome Billy Campbell.

Noah and I got technical.

Noah talks about his first time using the Alexa.

We discussed a massive scene that involves a ton of puke!!

Noah talked about how he loved lighting the film.

Matt O’Leary, who plays Marcus in the film, is a hoot.

We talked about SXSW 2012!!

Noah and I talked about some of his influences!! (Noah’s got the best tastes in great cinematographers!!)

We talked more in depth about the great AFI program and we touched upon Wally Pfister’s (PSD Fave!) recent directorial announcement of his first feature!!

Noah is the first AFI son of an AFI Member that has become an member himself and I asked Noah about what makes AFI such a strong program.

So what genre of film would Noah like to try out.




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19 04 2012
Noah M. Rosenthal – Cinematographer » Peal Snap Discount Interviews

[…] Audio Interview: Exclusive Interview with Cinematographer Noah Rosenthal […]

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