The Hunger Games Review and Interviews with “Peeta”, “Clove” and “FoxFace”

23 03 2012

Let the Uprising Begin!  Click thru for our review of the film and also our interview with Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman & Jacqueline Emerson!!!

The Hunger Games opens in theaters and IMAX today.  The film is the first film based on the epic trilogy by Suzanne Collins.  The story revolves around a future country in which districts surrounding a powerful capital are basically labor societies feeding the wealth of the capital.  Our hero Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is from the most outer district, 12.  Each district supplies a young boy and girl to the annual “Hunger Games” in which only one child will remain alive.  The story shares similarities with the japanese film Battle Royale , The Running Man , and harps back to the elements of Lord of the Flies.  The dystopian elements are nothing new and can been seen through out history.  The real element that makes Hunger Games stand out is the importance of a female lead.  Without Katniss being as strong and independent as she appears in the books and now the film the story would hold no merit.  Jennifer Lawrence’s performance thus is the most important and it’s no surprise that she nailed it.   I first (like most folks) noticed her in the underrated film,  The Burning Plain by Guillermo Arriaga (PSD Favorite!).  Jennifer then hit stardom with her downtrodden backwoods character, Ree,  in the gripping Winter’s Bone.  She then showcased her blockbuster appeal by giving the character of Mystique more presence and importance in Matthew Vaughn‘s wonderful reboot of the X-Men series, X-Men: First Class.  Jennifer is the main reason to go see this film.

The film does seem to have its lagging moments, but compared to the books that is actually toned down a bit.  The same can be said about the violence, overall though fans of the book should love Gary Ross‘ adaptation.  Costumes are secretly the real scene stealer in this one.  Judianna Makovsky ability to turn Elizabeth Banks into Effie Trinket

The “fire” outfits that Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) and Katniss wear in their introduction to the Capitals’ audience is the only real “magical” elements in the film.  Katniss also wears a fire dress that caps off a wonderful sequence with Stanley Tucci‘s character Caesar Flickerman.  Stanley steals almost every scene he’s in, minus the captivating one with Jennifer.   Wes Bentley, Woody Harrelson, and Lenny Kravitz characters also give the audience enough back story elements and hidden insight from the book to the film.   But everything seems to revolve around Jennifer Lawrence being a legit blockbuster star.  She has to catch our attention just like she has to catch these folks attention for the film to be fully believable.

The film does a nice job in setting up the uprising feeling that will be fully explored in the next two movies.  That darn President Snow, Donald Sutherland, should be a real dynamo in those films.  He is a scary figure of power in his scenes.

Overall this film has all the elements for a fun & entertaining experience.  It’s exciting, has a viable hero, and it puts that hero in tough situations that are eventually overcome.  Is Jennifer Lawrence an action star, it surely seems so after X-Men and now this venture into the Bow & Arror loving Katniss Everdeen.  She shines brightest and thus is worth your time.  All you teenage girls out there totally should look up to Katniss and don’t be ashamed to drop the love for Twilight, for the heroic figure that Jennifer Lawrence has captured with this dynamic role.  You don’t need vampires, wolves, and other fools to save the day, you just need Katniss and her will power.  Great message in a good film.  Can’t wait for the next two films that have to go bigger, bolder and hopefully keep brutalizing those kiddos.

Here is your treat, our roundtable interview with Josh HutchersonIsabelle Fuhrman & Jacqueline Emerson.

Find out more on The Hunger Games from their website, here.




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