Million Dollar Quartet – Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins

13 03 2012

Million Dollar Quartet is a musical where the talented actors play all their own instruments and hammer through an hour and 45 minutes of pure joy.  Last week we caught up with Sam Phillips and Johnny Cash, this week we check in with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

Lee Ferris plays Carl Perkins and I was able to catch up with him about his dynamic role in MDQ!  I started our conversation out asking about a certain pair of shoes Carl (and Elvis) made famous.

Lee talked about how Carl’s part of the musical is really the backbone of the show.

I asked Lee about the change we see in Carl through the entire show.

And finally Lee discusses the importance his role carries in such a star studded show.

A must see musical!!!

Here is the interview I did with Sam Phillips, played by Denton’s own Christopher Ryan Grant, and Johnny Cash, Derek Keeling.

Go see this already!!  Million Dollar Quartet through March 18th at Music Hall at Fair Park!




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