SXSW Bound with Director Matt Ruskin

11 03 2012

Booster makes its world premiere on Monday March 12th at SXSW.  The film marks documentary director Matt Ruskin‘s narrative directorial debut.  Click through for our chat with Matt Ruskin.

Booster Director Matt Ruskin and I started out talking about why he switched from the documentary world into narrative.

Matt’s a native Bostonian, but he’s been a New Yorker since his NYU days and I was curious why he went “home” to film.

I asked Matt about casting veteran character actor Seymour Cassel.

Matt talked about the atmosphere on the set.

I was curious what was it like working with childhood friend Nico Stone as his lead actor.

In 2011, Matt was able to take his film to the IFP Lab and he talked about the wonderful experience it was to be part of the lab.

I was curious if Matt had any reference films for this movie.

I jumped back into Matt’s documentary past and asked why he choose to shoot his doc,  The Hip Hop Project, on film.

So, is Matt going to stick with Narrative film or get back into documentary work?




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