SXSW Bound with Director Ben Steinbauer

8 03 2012

SXSW Bound with Director Ben Steinbauer and his short film Brute Force.  The Austinite chatted with me about his documentary chops, his production company with PSD favorite Berndt Mader, and of course the “Fuh-King” man that is Brute Force.

Ben and I started our chat talking about his ties to Jayhawk land.

Ben’s love of writing pushed him out west, but it was the film bug that pulled him to ATX.

I was curious what filmmakers did Ben look up to, notice the documentary love.

Ben does seems to attract some interesting documentary subjects including one of his first docs on Tim Day.

I asked for an update on Ben’s highly successful documentary, Winnebago Man starring Jack Rebney.

Ben, along with Berndt, took part in the epic re-make of Austin icon Richard Linklater’s indie-classic Slacker.  We talked about Ben’s wanting to do a certain scene in Slacker 2011.

Speaking of Austin based connections, one in particular has garnered a production company.  Ben and Berndt are two wild and wacky guys.

Ben talked about where Bear Media came from and talks about his fun buddy Berndt.

A little taste of their sense of humor and their love of the bear!

Ben and I discussed this year’s SXSW festival.

BRUTE FORCE TIME!!!  About “Fuh-King” time!  Geez.

Ben and I ended our chat with a little storytelling time from Ben’s younger days.  Enjoy!

Check out more on the film at SXSW click, here.

The Brute Force Facebook page click, here.

Also here is the link for, Bear Media.




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