SXSW Bound with Director Jeremiah Zagar

6 03 2012

Directors Nathan Caswell and Jeremiah Zagar’s film Remains is an 8 minute short that is SXSW Bound in the Narrative Short Competition.  I was able to chat with Jeremiah Zagar about his career and about heading back to SXSW.

Jeremiah and I started out the chat talking about how he first got into film.

We talked about some of his favorite films including a Mel Brooks rarity.

I asked him about where he lives and where he calls home.

He talked about when he got his first camera.

I asked Jeremiah a few questions about his award winning documentary, In A Dream.

So how did the film change over time?

and here is the trailer to the film.

I asked Jeremiah a bit more about his production company and in particular the unique Israeli name it has.

The project that Jeremiah was alluding to is a short 3 minute film, Heart Stop Beating.  And their production company is HZ Films.

As you heard this got Jeremiah on the subject of SXSW and I asked him about his love of the festival.

Jeremiah talks about his co-director Nathan Caswell and the SXSW Remains short.

I asked Jeremiah to expand on what this unique film idea is about?

For more information about Remains at SXSW click, here.

Jeremiah and I continued to jump around subjects, so enjoy!!

I asked Jeremiah about editing, in particular how he edited down Heart Stop Beating to a mere 3 minutes.

Jeremiah talked about how he cut Heart Stop Beating to a specific genre feel to maximize the atmosphere of the historic surgery.

I asked him what filmmakers he looked up to.

This chat about filmmakers got us on a discussion about film over digital as a whole.

Jeremiah and I talked about his documentary work, especially him working with the Starved for Attention series.

We ended our chat talking about what’s up next for HZ Films.




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