35 Denton Preview: Day 2

5 03 2012

(Bethan: Come and play with us)

The outdoor main stages open for day two of #35D. They worked out great last year, so let’s hope the weather holds up this year.

Main Stage 1

Whiskey Folk Ramblers (6p), Mountain Goats (8p)

Main Stage2

Baptist Generals (7p)


Peopleodian (10:30p)


Jessie Frye (10:30p), Bethan (11:30)

Two years ago, Jessie Frye yelled at me on Oak St outside of Banter for missing her showcase. It was a huge mistake on my part. And last
year, Jessi James’ (Bethan) former band, Novaak, had their breakout/final performance at the fest. What I’m trying to say is, do not miss either of these performances.

Dan’s Silverleaf

Danny Rush and the Designated Drivers (9:30p), The Hope Trust (10:30p)

Denton Square Donuts

Ella Minnow (12:30a-1:30a)

For the past three years, Ella Minnow has released some of the most underappreciated indie rock in the area.


Burning Hotels (10:30p), Class Actress (11:30p), The Hood Internet (12:30a)

You know how I feel about Burning Hotels already. Then add Class Actress and The Hood Internet, and you’ve got a full on pants party.

The Labb

Young and Brave (9:30p)

Mellow Mushroom

Coves (9:30p), The Blurries (11:30p)

Coves is the new project from former Polycorns lead singer,Caleb Ian Campbell. The Blurries and their brand of jangle core make some of
the catchiest indie rock jams in town.


Wild Moccasins (11:30p)

Pretty good stuff from Houston. Yes, there is some decent local music in H Town.




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