Exclusive Interview Director Jules Bartkowski

27 02 2012

ALOUETTE is a five episode web series set in contemporary New Orleans.  The show is co-created and co-directed by Jules Bartkowski and Dylan Pasture .  The web series will premiere in March and PSD wanted to get to know the filmmakers behind the show.  Earlier this month we posted our interview with Dylan, & here is our chat with Jules Bartkowski.

Jules Bartkowski & I started our chat by discussing his Jersey upbringing.

Jules was set on moving to LA, starting up this script idea, and beginning his long career.  But a little town called New Orleans would change all that.

A crazy New Orleans to Las Vegas road trip?  Jules continues to explain what the heck happened in wild ass Vegas.

Of course the gents met a lovely lady of the night.

Jules ended up making it to Los Angeles, but really hating it out there.  Jules and Dylan had a late night phone call that would change their perspectives on what they should be doing as filmmakers.

Lex Cie is the beautiful young actress that the guys have found to play Lark.

Dylan and Jules get things going! and one more interesting connection helps figure out a pivotal teaser trailer.

Here is that 5am Trailer.

Alouette the series premieres next month, we’ll be checking back with Jules and the gang soon!

In the meantime check out more on the series, here.




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