Exclusive Interview with Director Dylan Pasture

9 02 2012

Later this month Co-Directors Dylan Pasture and Jules Bartkowski will premiere a dark web-series entitled Alouette.  I was able to chat with both directors about their film histories and much more!  Click thru for our chat with Writer/Director Dylan Pasture.

Dylan is a Brooklyn based writer/director and we started our chat by talking about his intriguing home.

I asked Dylan who or what first sparked an interest in film.

Dylan was awesome enough to explain the real beauty of scriptwriting and film-making that he loves.

We jumped into his early short film and the feature that inspired the short.  Dylan explains where his idea came from and also the massive script it lead to.

Here is the trailer for the short film, Palace Hotel.

This was the part of the interview that things got weird as we were interrupted by a plane.

I was curious how Dylan turned the Palace Hotel experience into the massive On Vacation.

We talked about Dylan’s love of editing his scripts.

Here is the trailer for On Vacation.

It’s at this point that I asked Dylan how did Alouette come about and he talked about the tri-city long distance pre-production issue.

From those skype conversations the team would create a unique project.

Actors’ Director?

I had one more question about Dylan’s work habits.

Dylan explained why the project has always been a web-series and not a feature film idea.

I introduced this post with the 5am trailer for Alouette rather then the newest trailer for the film.  Dylan told me the specifics behind this simple idea for an enlightening trailer about the Lark character.  Here is the trailer again so you can get the full impact.

And now Dylan explains where this idea came from.

I had to ask about having the greatness of Frank Mosley on set.

In fact Dylan has a very intriguing tale of Frank’s time in the Big Easy.

Dylan is currently starting work on another feature film that is quite close to his heart.

I was curious how quickly this project came about.

And to finally end things off I thought I’d bring up the crazy “aerial” assault that hit Dallas early in the evening.

Make sure to check out and help contribute to Dylan’s latest feature film, Satisfaction.




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