Elliott Hundley The Bacchae Exhibit at Nasher Sculpture Center

3 02 2012

The Nasher Sculpture Center has moved the Tony Cragg exhibit out and moved in Elliott Hundley’s The Bacchae exhibit.  The theatrical and unique exhibit runs thru April 22nd in the Nasher’s main gallery hall.  Click thru for a few photos of the exhibit as well as information on what all is happening at the Nasher Sculpture Center’s Target First Saturday of the month.

From the Nasher Website:

“For its debut exhibition of the new year, the Nasher Sculpture Center will host the first touring exhibition of the distinctive “bulletin board” collages and sculptures of Los Angeles-based artist Elliott Hundley. Over the past decade, Hundley has developed a multifaceted, intricate art using paint, photographs, and organic and found materials ranging from bamboo, goat hooves, and pine cones to pins, magnifying lenses, and gold leaf. The mythic world of ancient Greek tragedy becomes vividly contemporary as Hundley reimagines Euripides’s last play, The Bacchae, in twelve works presented in one of the Nasher’s street-level galleries.”

“The Bacchae is a tale of familial betrayal and divine revenge set in the ancient city of Thebes. The god Dionysus (Bacchus to the Romans) has decided to punish its citizens when they refuse to accept his claim that he is the son of Zeus. After bringing the women of Thebes under his influence, Dionysus leads them out of the city and into the wilderness where they join his followers, the Bacchae, in worshipping him in ecstatic rituals. The god then convinces the king of Thebes, Pentheus, to spy on the women, who, upon discovering him, mistake him for a wild beast. Led by Pentheus’s own mother, Agave, the women rip the king limb from limb. Agave then returns to Thebes, carrying her son’s head as a trophy, still unaware of her delusion. When Dionysus’s influence on her finally loosens, she is horrified to discover that she has murdered her own son.”

“Elliott Hundley: The Bacchae was organized by the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University and made possible by a significant contribution from Battelle. Generous support for this exhibition is also provided by The Broad Art Foundation and Lonti Ebers, New York. Local support generously provided by Nancy A. Nasher & David J. Haemisegger and Marion & Nash Flores.”

The suspended piece you see above is reason enough to check out Elliott’s precise, delicate and story-telling exhibit.  The exhibit is quite amazing for infusing photos, everyday objects and pins to give such an epic and outrageous myth a dramatic and fulfilling context.  Not really sure if The Bacchae is the best myth to showcase to your kids, but Elliot’s work is a great way to at least mesmerize the youngsters.  The exhibit is full of color and the suspended moving sculpture, along with the main hall’s opening piece, will have the kiddos starring in total wonderment.  If you’ve never experienced The Nasher’s Target First Saturday of the month then enjoy these photos.

This Saturday’s Nasher schedule includes:

Free Admission
Children’s Art Activity                                                              10 am – 12 noon
Art in Action Sculpture Demo                                                10 am – 12:30 pm
Art Scavenger Hunt                                                                    10 am – 2 pm
Family Tours                                                            10:15, 11:15 am and 12:15 pm
Yoga presented by YogaSport                                               11:30 am
Discovering Books with Every Child Ready to Read     12 noon
Storytime with the Dallas Public Library                           12:30 pm
NasherKids Live!                                                                           1 pm
NasherKids Meal Available at Nasher Cafe                        11 am – 2 pm

Grab the kids and check out the new Elliott Hundley The Bacchae exhibit as well as the usual fun sculptures and paintings at the Nasher!




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