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1 02 2012

The Dallas Theater Center’s GIANT, the epic feeling play, leads off our calender for February.  A play that highlights more then just 27 years in West Texas but showcases a “country’s” growth into the modern world.  There is still time to see the wonderful play and a ton of other fun February highlights.  Click thru for some PSD picks this month.

A special shout out to Miguel Cervantes who plays Angel Obregón, Jr & Sr in Giant. Miguel is part of the second act’s JUMP number that easily was a crowd favorite on opening night.

Mrs. Ferber’s classic novel is perfectly captured in the comfy confines of the Wyly Theater.

“A sprawling, epic love story, larger-than-life characters, Texas-size musical numbers — Giant not only lives up to its name, it goes down in history as Dallas Theater Center’s biggest production ever.  Co-produced with The Public Theater and directed by three-time Tony nominee Michael Greif (Rent, Grey Gardens, Next to Normal), this classic tale of ambition and romance comes to the stage with song after memorable song by Michael John LaChiusa.”  From Dallas Theater Center‘s website.

The play will run thru February 18th.

February Calender top ten events.

I know that “Top Ten” lists maybe a cliche, but I came across the interesting information that the Human heart weighs 10 ounces.  Valentine’s Day is either beloved because you really love flowers and chocolate covered goodies or hated for being a commercialized, money-grubbing holiday.  It’s ok to want to skip all the cheesy gifts and over-priced dinners by spending a special day and night with someone you love.  I hope you’ll keep things simple and enjoy a few recommendations for your February.

Tonight – February 1st.  Head on over to the Texas Theatre to catch a real classic story of love.  Here’s the hint…. YO’ ADRIAN!!!!!!

Boxing and Love = Happiness!

February 7th the 112th annual Equity and Diversity Conference will take place at the University of North Texas (KAH!!!) with keynote speaker being equal rights activist Dan Savage.  Also Grammy Award-winning artist John Legend will be holding a lecture at the Murchison Theater in Denton, Tx.  The scene in Denton in February is happening with the Thin Line Film Festival kicking off on February 10th!

The Irving Convention Center will host the Sci-Fi Expo!

I’m excited to chat with Jewel Staite who starred in the short film version of The Pact, by Writer/Director Nicholas McCarthy.

Our pal Nick’s feature version of the film had its North American right’s purchased by IFC Midnight Films at this year’s 2012 Sundance Film Festival.  More details on that greatness, here.  For more on the awesome Expo click, here.

The Dallas Musuem of Art is kicks off its Texas Bound series on February 13th, the Monday before Valentine’s Day.

” Texas-connected actors bringing stories by Texas-connected authors from the page to the stage ” From the DMA site.

We’re now half way on our list and we’ve arrived at Valentine’s Day!

What should you do on lover’s day?  Well how about a Musical!

Seeya there sweet lovers.

The folks at the Institute have a jam-packed February.  In particular February 16th, the third Thursday of the month, starts up a fun group nicknamed the, “Routh Street Irregulars”.  I’ll let the Institute explain things.

In the 2012 election year, the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture is inviting those who would like to learn more about the political character of America to join Dallas Institute Fellow, Prof. of Political Philosophy, and political appointee of President Ronald Reagan, Dr. Guy Story Brown as he leads his popular “Routh Street Irregulars” group in an ongoing dialogue about our political tradition.  The third Thursday of February, March, April and May will see the group covering diverse topics – from consideration of discrete, relevant issues making current news to more extended discussion of important works such as Tocqueville’s Democracy in America, the Federalist Papers, America’s Founding documents, and classical texts by Aristotle, Plato, and others.

The Texas Theater has a hell of a fun evening planned with adventurous animator Don Hertzfeldt!  Hell maybe the fellas might let ya’ crash on one of the upstairs couches so you can make sure to not sleep thru the Dallywood Schmoozefest on Saturday night.

Dear Oscar’s why do you ruin my February with your horrible nominations?  Ok maybe this isn’t the nicest “Dear John” letter, but WTF baldy?  No love for Mr. Brooks, but for Sweet Jonah?  Did you even watch DRIVE?  We all know you loved Moneyball, geez get over Brad Pitt already (that wasn’t his best film of 2012).  But the biggest mystery is where are the ladies?  I understand you have some great nominees for best actress and supporting actress, but I’m talking Directors!  Lanford sums it up nicely, here.  I know they aren’t till February 26th, but I didn’t want to end my list on a downer.  So before the golden baldies get handed out, why not learn about the dynamic Roz Savage.

The Oscars might try and  shy away from showcasing a strong and intelligent woman, but the Winspear Opera House understands greatness when it sees it.  February 21st British environment activist and accomplished rower Roz Savage will continue the 2012 Brinker International Forum series.

The British ocean rower and environmental campaigner has rowed over 11,000 miles, taken 3.5 million oarstrokes, and spent cumulatively nearly a year of her life at sea in a 23-foot rowboat.


Add this site to your favorites already,

And to round out our February Calender I’d like to shout out the lovely Nasher Sculpture Center!

The 360 Series brings in Artist Tony Feher on February 26th.  But I’d like to point out the Dallas Arts District does put on a heck of shindig on the First Saturday of each month.  That would be this upcoming Saturday February 4th.  And currently the Nasher is showcasing the wonderful exhibit of its latest 360 series artist, Elliott Hundley.  We’ll have a full look into the Nasher on Friday.  Till then enjoy this little video.

For more on the Nasher schedule click, here.

Till next month, go kiss someone.



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