Riverdance Final Shows in Dallas – Interview with Michael Wood.

30 01 2012

Next week Riverdance will be performing its final shows in Dallas,Tx.  PSD was able to chat with Michael Wood, Freedom Soloist and Tap Dancer in Riverdance.

“Riverdance traces the life of a river.” – From the Press Notes. 

I’d like to help you trace the “life of a river” of one of the stars of the show.  Michael Wood is the Freedom Soloist and one of the main Tap dancers in  Riverdance and here is our chat.

We started our chat by talking about Michael’s childhood.

Michael talked about the connections he made at his high school show choir.

The seas would come a calling next.

But now we get to the greatness of Riverdance and in particular Michael’s audition.

Michael plays a significant group of roles in Riverdance and he talks about the importance of what he’s doing.

I simply had to ask what it was like to play such a dynamic figure in one of the more influential shows.

And finally Michael talks about Dallas audiences.

Riverdance will have its FINAL shows in Dallas on February 7th and 8th.

Three total performances and you can find the rest of the information on the Dallas Summer Musical, website.




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