Sports Dads Q & A with Star Deion Sanders and Crew.

23 01 2012

Irving based 1820 Productions held a special screening of their new Veria TV show, Sports Dads starring Deion Sanders.  Deion along with series Directors Daniel Piatt, Korey Miller, Editor Edwin Harris and Executive Producer Sara Madsen Miller took part in a post screening Q & A.  Click thru for a portion of the interview as well as information on the show.

Prime Time has been electrifying sports fans ever since he graced a football field and baseball diamond.  The NFL Hall of Famer is the heart of the series, Sports Dads.  The show takes a look at the parents behind stellar youth athletes.  In particular, the show concentrates on how some parents can take their love and admiration to a dangerous level.  Deion Sanders meets these families and helps to figure out how the overbearing parents can best help their children succeed without causing a rift in the families themselves.  1820 Productions showcased two episodes of the series to a packed house of friends, fans and media.  The creative team along with Deion Sanders took part in a post screening Q & A.  Here is a portion of what happened.

You can find out more about 1820 productions, here.

Also Veria TV information can be found, here.




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23 01 2012

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