Sundance Bound – Texas Style

17 01 2012

This Friday, Sundance 2012 will start up with an incredible group of films.  Continuing our “Sundance Bound” series we checked in with 3 short films heading to Park City and 1 Slamdance bound short!  Click thru to find out about these shorts heading to Utah.

Darn RIGHT!  In fact, that Texas flag is freaking huge!

That ain’t a little matchbox truck, that’s a freaking 18-wheeler on I-35!  Speaking of big deals in Texas, how about we chitchat about some of Texas’ finest short filmmakers?  First up, I was able to chat with animator Kelly Sears about her latest short film to make it to Sundance.

Kelly Sears is a Galveston based writer, director and animator who is heading back to Sundance for the 4th time with her latest short animated film, “Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise“.

*To clarify the short film already held its premiere and is just showing at Sundance.

Here is the trailer to Kelly’s short.

Earlier in our Sundance Bound series we chatted with Writer/Director  Kat Candler about her short, Hellion.  You can check out that chat, here.  Kat and star Jonny Mars were both at the press screening this past week in Austin and are quite excited to finally showcase Hellion to Park City audiences! Here is Hellion’s trailer.

Of all the four shorts shown at the Austin Film Society sneak peak, FOURPLAY: TAMPA by Kyle Henry was the most jarring.  Producer Jason Wehling gave a much needed disclaimer prior to the screening!  Gotta love a director who is this bold and ballsy with the material.   I don’t want to spoil this one for you, so here is a very short snippet from FOURPLAY: TAMPA.

From the vimeo:

FOURPLAY is an anthology-of-shorts feature film about sexual intimacy. In TAMPA, a man attempts to find satisfaction in a Florida mall bathroom. See for more

And now for a special Slamdance shout out.

33 Teeth” will screen at Slamdance on Friday, January 20th at 3pm and Monday, January 23rd at 1pm.  I truly loved the ending to this short and its funny humorous take on the old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover”.   We’ll check in with Writer Director Evan Roberts and Producer Kelsey Coggin when they return from Utah.  Here is the trailer to 33 Teeth.




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