January 2012 Calendar – Why its NOT the End of the World as we know it!

6 01 2012

Randomness seems most fitting with this being the year that the world ends (thanks MAYANS!!).  I figure a random photo of a “Truck-on-Fire” and that has just as much importance to opening the new year then anything!  So instead of worrying about fires or the end of the world how about we live up to the song, “And I Feel Fine” (Aw crap REM broke up last year didn’t they – geez we’re SCREWED).  Well, in the mean time why not have a fun year?  Click thru for some events around town that can make your new year start off with a proper kick ass January bang!

Today, (January 6th) make your way over to the Magnolia Theater to catch one of our top 11 films of 2011, the moving PARIAH.  The debut feature film from writer/director Dee Rees is a film about overcoming and standing up, even if you have to stand up to the ones you love.

This weekend marks the end of the incredible Tony Cragg exhibit at the Nasher!  We reviewed the amazing exhibit last year and the exhibit is well worth your time, free up your weekend.  Don’t believe me, well how about Kevin Bacon?

See ‘?’ Kevin APPROVES – so hurry up and GO!

Speaking of ATTPAC places, the ol’ big red Winspear has some Fantastic shows planned for January!! First up how about MAGIC!!!

I wonder if he’ll make an elephant disappear? Guess you’ll just have to join me that night at the Opera House to find out!!  Hmmmm, speaking of African treasures, how about something truly worldly at the Winspear?

I’m sure with such a large South African community right here in North Texas, I must not be the only one stoked about seeing this amazing group.

January 16 = Martin Luther King Jr. Day and our friends over at The Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture easily have the event for you to attend!!

Later that week the folks at the Dallas Theater Center will put on GIANT!

The play will of course be at the ATTPAC’s Wyly Theater!

Time to head south of town to our buddies at the Texas.

Come figure out “The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles” and also experience a great trio of films that evening at the Texas.  January 20th the Texas will be showing FULL METAL ALCHEMIST – The Sacred Star of Milos, WHERE SOLDIERS COME FROM, and RESURRECT DEAD: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles.

That following Sunday January 22nd a true country music icon will be at the Winspear!

O, we weren’t done talking about that OLD theater where Oswald was caught!!  Them fellas have done such an amazing job showcasing the beauty of 35mm prints shown on the BIG screen, I couldn’t help but tell ya about a real WINNER!!

If you don’t know Truffaut, then for gawd’s sake GET OUT TO THE TEXAS THEATER!!  January 26th they’ll be showing THE BRIDE WORE BLACK – Truffaut – 35mm Print!.

I did want to leave you with a special shout out to my alma mater and the AMAZING gents they are bringing to ol’ Denton next month!!

is bringing none other then John Legend!

Both John and Activist, Columnist, All-Around Voice of his Community, and just a Bad Ass – Dan Savage will be at UNT in February.

Check back early next month for the full details, or I’m sure you can do a few Google searches and figure it all out.

Till then have a great rest of the month and remember Mayan’s didn’t have computers so what the heck do they know?  I mean we all survived the DREADED Y2K, I’m sure we’ll make it to 2013.  In the mean time have fun!




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