Magical Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

4 01 2012

The first Friday of ever month the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth  (along with friends) extends the hours of its exhibits and plays a tune or three.  Perfect for a solid date night or even for those art lovers that just want to experience the Modern in the evening.

O hey wuzup Andy! Its all about the amazing art at the Modern!  Well that and the Cafe, The Magnolia Movies, and the lovely little lake/pool/body of water.

First Fridays extends throughout the rest of the Spring time with these fun artists applying the tunes.

January 6
Outer Circles
Special cocktail: Arctic Blast

February 3
Kevin Townson Trio
Special cocktail: Love Potion # 9

March 2
Three if by Sea
Special cocktail: 4 Leaf Clover

April 6
Tom Reynolds Trio
Special cocktail: Hippity Hop

May 4
St. Frinatra
Special cocktail: May Day

Now the real treat on top of the fine music, Cafe cocktails, and the fun films that are played as part of the Magnolia at The Modern, is the incredible artwork. There’s the usual permanent pieces.

This guy could even attempt a ride on a donkey if he wanted.

Daisy Youngblood’s DONKEY could get lost in a box.

Or if the Donkey wanted to it could try and “see” the Dead Plant in this epic painting.

On top of the many paintings and art on exhibit at The Modern, there are two quality exhibits still being showcased.  You still have just over two weeks to check out the massive collection of Richard Diebenkorn, specifically his “The Ocean Park Series“.

Ok, so that may be hard to read.

From The Modern website:

“Richard Diebenkorn: The Ocean Park Series is the most comprehensive show to date of Diebenkorn’s most celebrated works. Coorganized by Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, California, and the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the exhibition is curated by OCMA curator Sarah C. Bancroft. Featuring more than 75 paintings, prints, and drawings, spanning two decades—the largest selection ever on view together—this unprecedented project offers visitors the opportunity to explore in-depth the complexity of Diebenkorn’s artistic and aesthetic achievements within the Ocean Park series. By presenting works in various media, this exhibition presents a long-overdue opportunity to explore the breadth and depth of the series as never before possible, showing conclusively the variety, subtlety, and intricacy of the artist’s practice. Many of the works have been borrowed from museum and private collections and are rarely seen by the public.

This exhibition is supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities.”

You’ll have a chance to witness such great pieces as these:

Obviously these pieces are much more vibrant in person, and on a few I tried to get multiple pieces in one shot.

Those are Cigar Boxes and there is a really interesting story to Richard’s love of those boxes.  You’ll have to check out the exhibit to find out about that fun story.  Here’s a tricky shot of a few of the Ocean Park smaller pieces.

Do ya see the reflection? O well – JUST GO TO FORT WORTH ALREADY!! Richard’s Ocean Park Series is running thru January 15th (so hurry up!!)

Now if you’re looking for something COMPLETELY different, you’ll have to check out the KAWS exhibit.

This bold, colorful and freaky exhibit isn’t that massive.  In only a few rooms at The Modern you can experience one of Art’s newest sensations, KAWS.  Here’s the official website explanation:

“The work of Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, who makes his art under the moniker “KAWS,” is the subject of the first Focus exhibition for the 2011–2012 season. KAWS’s vast body of work includes graffiti (early in his career), murals, paintings, and sculpture. Following along the continuum of Pop art, his work critiques contemporary consumer culture, blurring the boundaries between it and the art world. Building an artistic language, which includes altered forms of familiar animated characters, such as Mickey Mouse, the Michelin Man, and SpongeBob SquarePants, his cartoonlike hybrids are often depicted in various states of the human condition.”

Where the End Starts, 2011 is a great example of KAWS tendencies.  Here are a few more fun parts of the KAWS exhibit to wet your appetite.

The Jersey City fella has some wild tastes and color combos, but it might be his “darker pieces” that really catch your fancy.

Quite striking in person the contrast of such dark art on The Modern’s white walls is mesmerizing or even “Magical”.  But most folks, I think, will enjoy those lovable “faces”.

For more information about these two wonderful exhibits, click here.

For more info on First Fridays at The Modern, click here.

Info on Magnolia at The Modern, click here.

Hope to see ya out and about in Funky Town checking out the great exhibits, films, or fun evenings of music at the Modern




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