Saved By The Flame – Interview with Firefighter, Motivational Speaker, and Author Teran Moore

16 12 2011

Firefighter, Motivational Speaker and Author Teran Moore took part in a roundtable interview earlier this year.  Teran’s first foray into writing lead to SAVED BY THE FLAME his heartwarming personal story.  Click thru to listen to the interview and find out more about Teran Moore.

“Why is it when a young boy sees a fire engine screaming down the road with lights and sirens blaring, he is in awe and dreams about being one of those firefighters? Of course it looks cool and exciting, but why is it even through our adult years, we still hold those that ride the big red truck in such high regard? It’s very simple. It is because of the pride, the honor, and the traditions they hold in such high regard.”

Teran is very reluctant to call himself an author because he’s so proud of his “day” job.

He talked about the culture shock it was to become a firefighter.

Teran tells the story of how he got his book deal.

Teran talks about a key audience he hopes to reach with his story.

Teran tells the story of purposing to his wife and how it showed to him the reality of being part of a brotherhood.

Teran discussed one of my favorite moments from the book.

The amazing part of this story is the fact that Teran Moore has MS and he has a very powerful position on overcoming the struggles of MS.

Teran sums everything up.

Find out more about the book, Teran and his upcoming speaking engagements on the SAVED BY THE FLAME Facebook Page.




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