Occupied – Exclusive Interview with Writer/Director Mollie Binkley and Lead Actress Liza Binkley

30 11 2011

Occupied  played as part of the LSIFF 2011 Narrative Feature category as a Spotlight Program.  The film is the directorial debut of writer/director Mollie Binkley and the film stars her sister Liza Binkley.  Click through for my phone chat with the sisters about their time in Fort Worth, Occupied and what they have upcoming.

“A psychological thriller set in the isolated redwoods above Silicon Valley. When free spirit Sarah, 21, goes to babysit her young cousin, it becomes apparent that the dangers that lurk outside the cabin pale in comparison to the perils inside. Triggered by unwelcome visitors, a psychotic break shatters the weekend.”

Before we jump into the film itself, I was curious about the ladies experience in Funky Fort Worth.

I asked Mollie about being showcased along with another strong young female writer/director Dee Rees and her feature film directorial debut Pariah.

Mollie talked about what inspired this film idea.

The film highlights not only a wonderful performance by Liza Binkley as a woman going through a psychotic break but it also showcases the young talents of Lucy Bock who plays Charlotte.  I asked Mollie where she found Lucy and how she handled working with a child actress.

I asked Liza a few questions about her captivating performance as Sarah.  First we talked about the preparation behind such a tough role.

I, of course, asked Liza about being directed by her sister.

Liza was kind enough to talk about one of her fun interactions with Mollie on set.

The film showcases some really well constructed setups and shots that truly heighten the fear and suspense behind the film.  I asked Mollie about working with her DP Noah Rosenthal.

Mollie talked more about what Noah brought to the production and in particular the BAD ASS “addition” to the main camera that really expands the film’s haunting feeling.

Mollie talked about the films that inspired the look of the film.

A special shout out to the editor Jana Fritsch

And the composer Simon Charles Katz  for really helping make a quality suspense thriller!!

Also a special shout out from Mollie to her supervising sound editor, Daniel Pagan.  Daniel is a veteran in the sound game and helped add a lot to the wild hallucination sequences in Occupied.  CHILLING STUFF FOLKS!!!

To wrap up Mollie discussed what is happening next for the film.

For more info on the film check out their official website.

Also like their Facebook page to keep updated on the film.




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