John Lithgow Art of Film 2011 Conversation with Elvis Mitchell

22 11 2011

Here is our final look at the wonderful Art of Film 2011 which honored John Lithgow with the DALLAS Star Award at the majestic Hall of State in Fair Park.  Click thru for photos from the red carpet, audio clips from the Conversation with Elvis Mitchell and a nice video of Peter Weller talking about RoboCop !!

John Lithgow is easily one of the nicest and calm screen legends PSD has come across in its short stint on the Dallas scene, but he sure can look pretty scary too!  Before we jump into the enlightening and inspirational conversation, here are few more photos from the red carpet.

The man behind those retro glasses is a PSD Fave (!) Tom Huckabee.

Also fellow local talent Ali Faulkner looked stunning as usual.

If you’re seeing Twilight this week make sure to stay through the very end for a special trailer for the next movie in which Ali has a role!!!!

Peter “RoboCop” Weller sporting amazing glasses from Venice (a special town for the veteran actor/director).  Peter was awesome enough to tell a mesmerized red carpet press crew stories of his days back in Denton (UNT alum shout out – KA!!!!), his long passion for music (Jazz especially!), and about his new baby girl.  Peter’s been hoping around Texas as of late, as we last saw him at the Austin Film Festival for the Shane Black “Nice Guys” script reading.  Lets check in with Mr. Weller about his most iconic role and how he defines the film’s importance story wise.

Peter was in town because he’s old friends with John Lithgow and starred with the award honoree in  The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (which had a Saturday morning screening with Q & A with Bob!).

Now lets jump into the wonderful world of Sir (Puerto Rico Knighted) John Lithgow (check the twitter if ya don’t believe me!).

The Dallas Film Society gracefully presented the evening’s conversation.

Elvis Mitchell and John Lithgow’s Art of Film Conversation:

John has an impressive and award winning theater background and Elvis asked him about one of his more challenging roles.

The fellas would jump around John’s wonderful career all night and here Lithgow discusses what attracted him to working on Footloose .

Elvis brought up John’s storied work with Director Brian De Palma in films like Obsession, Blow Out , Raising Cain .  Here John talks about his favorite scene from Blowout.

John gave wonderful insight into his friend Director Brian De Palma’s style of shooting.

And now for a little moment of fun – John gives the secret to his wonderful career and it insights an AMAZING chuckle from Elvis!!

Ok how about lets get to John’s award winning performance from  Dexter this past year!!

John talks about what intrigue him so much about playing Arthur Mitchel aka the Trinity Killer.

John was kind enough to share his story of how he first cracked into the Television world with the iconic show 3rd Rock from the Sun.

To end the evening John talked a lot about his family and in particular his father.

In the end John not only took home the DALLAS Star Award but also a letter from Governor Rick Perry representing the Lone Star State’s love and adoration for Sir John Lithgow!!

More info on the Dallas Film Society, here.




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