Daddy Time with PSD!

17 11 2011

The awesome folks at the Texas Theatre are showing this amazing documentary starting Friday Night!  The doc inspired me so much I thought I’d highlight all the amazing Friday Night fun.

This Friday also marks the wonderful ART OF FILM for the great John Lithgow.  I bring up John for one main reason, over his incredible career he’s played some intriguing fathers.  We’ll get to that in a minute.  First I’d like to tell you about the amazing documentary The Other F Word.

From Producer Cristan Crocker-Reilly statement:

In the end, after the journey we took with our punk rock dads, honesty is what everyone wanted to be expressed — not just a funny, high concept, but indeed a moving examination of what it means to grow up and seize the opportunity to make right what felt terribly wrong to these men, what made them punks in the first place.  As Jim (Jim Lindberg)  says, ‘I want to be there for my kids.  I want to be there when they want me to be there.  I think that’s the punkest thing of all.’.

That really sums up the amazing power from such a bold film.  The story isn’t one that you see having the ability to truly move you.  What do these crazy punk rockers know about fatherhood?  What makes them capable of being good fathers even?  Well Director  Andrea Blaugrund Nevins and her team have captured those answers and much more in this film.  They’ve tapped into a point-of-view of fatherhood that is fresh, new and enlightening.  If the most rebellious generation can grow so much to the point of showcasing the real passion behind being a parent, then can’t we all strive for more?  Hearing these men’s stories (and there are a TON of rockers in the film!) really touched upon the power of believing in your parents.  They want their children to look at them in a way they were never able to look at their own fathers.  It was amazingly touching and moving to leave this film wanting to immediately call my dad and just say thank you so much. Which by the way how about a bit of a shout out to my pops?

He was a hell of a punk himself back in the day.  He left his motherland of South Africa because he was against the Apartheid and wanted his family to grow up with different values.  The family would then spend the next decade in Israel as my dad survived the grueling mandatory military, even though he tends to lean on the pacifist mind set.  A year after I was born and my oldest brother was nearing his Bar Mitzvah age our family relocated to the good ol’ US of A.  We ended up in Texas and my dad has taught us the values of education, following your dreams and never giving up.  I’ll share one story of my dad that really makes me think he was one bad ass punk himself.  He decided to “back-pack” through Europe in the 70’s.  Along his jaunt across the many countries he even ventured into war-torn Spain.  At the time General Franco was in charge and Spain wasn’t necessarily a place that a hippie South African should be.  Nonetheless my dad wanted to see Barcelona and Madrid so he went into the war-torn country.  He ended up befriending some soldiers and had one of the best times of his life hanging out in Spain during the rule of ol’ Franco.  If he hadn’t done that he couldn’t have told me to make sure I went to Toledo, Spain to see how kick ass a place it is, when I got to visit Spain in the early 00’s.  Ok thanks for letting me talk a bit about my old man.  It doesn’t hurt that my birthday was yesterday and this post seemed most fitting!  Back to the greatness of the doc!

The Other F Word is easily one of the best films of 2011.

You might be wondering Gadi what does this have to do with a piece on fatherhood?  Well watch it again – its obviously a big joke on one of the key “moments” in a parent’s life.  And most fitting for a piece covering a documentary on Punk Rock dads, what happens when those dad’s are faced with the questions of drugs, sex and (wait for it) ROCK N’ ROLL with their children.  Granted this video was a humorous take on it, but it touched along the same nerve for me.  I feel like with John Lithgow coming to Dallas is a great chance to showcase his fatherly qualities over the last 30 years of acting.

First up is that classic, Harry and the Hendersons.

John’s played the bad father as well…

But I do think John can also play the creep father amazingly well…

I guess I’m just saying Friday is for Fathers!

Make sure to check out more with John Lithgow, Robo-cop himself Peter Weller and PSD’s fav Bob Wilonsky this Saturday!

Check out more info about the documentary, here.

And one final bit of news if you’re planning on going to the Texas Theatre to see The Other F Word or any of the fantastic flicks those fellas program, then make sure to take my “special route“.

Why? Well the new Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas is open and there isn’t a better view of that magical Vegas style hotel then coming back to Dallas along the viaduct!




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