Rich Man,Poor Man,Beggar Man,Thief.

2 11 2011

Next month Tomas Alfredson‘s new version of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy will be released here in America.  The film is based on the classic spy novel of the same name by John le Carré.  Its also highly influenced by the British TV show that has been just re-released by Acorn Media.

Acorn Media continues to re-release and introduce some of the finest British television for our homes.  This time there is no pulling any punches they have the definitive DVD set with great extras and special features to boot.

“This repackaged and discounted DVD 3-disc set includes six episodes, along with a 28-min. interview with John le Carré, cast filmographies, production notes, and more”

The show was groundbreaking in terms of style and mood that it depicted for such a “thriller”.  The action in it is actually quite sparse and much more cerebral.

“No doubt remains: a mole has infiltrated the Circus, code name for the British Secret Intelligence Service. It can only be one of four men operating at the very highest level. Sidelined agent George Smiley is covertly tapped to root out the mole, a task that requires a painstaking dig through the double-blind world of Cold War-era espionage and his own past. Alec Guinness brilliantly captures the weary heart and steely soul of John le Carré’s master spy. “

O Alec!  Its really simple you purchase this DVD set for two things: 1. Alec Guinness 2. John Le Carré.

“Oscar® winner Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia) delivers the performance of a lifetime in his BAFTA-winning role as George Smiley, a retired spymaster recruited to find a mole in the British intelligence service. Hailed as one of the finest dramas ever made for television, this 1979 BBC miniseries garnered universal critical acclaim for its stellar ensemble cast, literate writing and intricate plots.”

In fact the show did quite amazing across the board.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy was nominated for an Emmy® for best miniseries and won two BAFTA Awards, including best actor for Guinness.”

Now the 3 discs covering 6 episodes introduce and weave us along a wild story with numerous (and i mean NUMEROUS) group of characters.  Overall though the telling of this classic novel is beautifully showcased in all its fine details.  Its a show that I’m positive I’ll be returning to frequently to catch the missed and unseen details from the first time.  Now Acorn Media isn’t just rereleasing the incredible 6 episode series.

“Acorn Media is also re-releasing its sequel, Smiley’s People, on October 25th. Available upon request (6 Episodes, $49.99).”

Make sure to grab the sequel series to get more of Captain Picard, Ol’ Patrick Stewart (aka Karla), who’s character is much more involved in Smiley’s People.

“Coinciding with the December 9, 2011 feature film adaptation starring Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight) and Colin Firth (The King’s Speech), John le Carré’s classic Cold War-era spy drama Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy arrives to DVD from Acorn Media on October 25, 2011. “

Check it all out at

It’s the best way possible to amp yourself up for the December 9th release of Tinker on the big screen.




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