Jay and Mark Duplass at Austin Film Festival

27 10 2011

The Duplass Brothers have hit a new level with their latest film Jeff Who Lives at Home .  PSD was able to catch up with the guys before the screening, click thru for the video interview.

The standing ovation following the film was most deserved.  Jay and Mark Duplass have taken their concept of love, between parents to kids, husband and wives, secret admirers and their admired, or most obviously brotherly love to a new plateau in their careers.  The vast differences between the film’s brothers Jeff (Jason Segel) and Pat (Ed Helms) setup the obvious comedic track for the film.  But its the heart and message behind the film that is most interesting and powerful.  The main side story of the film is that of the guy’s widowed mother, played brilliantly by Susan Sarandonn, and her secret love interest that really showcases the Duplass brothers range.  An image from the film really sums up the power behind the film.  Waterfalls are both beautiful and majestic but the closer you get to them the more powerful and deeper the waterfall appears.  The film works on that same level, the moment that you see Jeff make his “life-changing” moment you’ll be blown away by the sudden emotion of hope you feel. Its a powerful feeling that I didn’t expect from a Duplass brothers film.   I was moved by this for sure and wanted to share with you the fun interview I had with the brothers prior to the screening.

Check in tomorrow for our full recap of AFF 2011 with amazing photos of Johnny, James Franco, John Lasseter and much more!




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