The Art Of Film, Honoring Film & Theatre Legend JOHN LITHGOW!

17 10 2011

The Art of Film for 2011 will be given to John Lithgow.  To honor such a great choice, PSD wanted to share our favorite 10 roles from the iconic actor.

From the Press Release:

“The DALLAS Film Society, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that celebrates films and their impact on society, has announced it will honor screen and theatre legend, John Lithgow at their annual fall fundraising event The Art of Film on November 18, 2011, at the Hall of State, Fair Park.

Two-time Academy Award nominee and winner of two Golden Globe Awards, five Emmy Awards, two Tony Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards, John Lithgow will be presented with the DALLAS Star Award during an evening that will celebrate the vast achievements of his career.  The following day, November 19, the DALLAS Film Society will screen a retrospective of two of Lithgow’s most famous films.  The Art of Film is a rare opportunity for 350 film lovers to gather at an elegant dinner and be a part of an intimate conversation with Lithgow and renowned film critic, Elvis Mitchell.

Last year Robert Duvall was presented a DALLAS Star Award at the Art of Film held at fair park and he also took part in an intimate conversation with Elvis.

The Dallas Film Society have made a wonderful addition to their already star-studded DALLAS Star Award recipients list.

The DALLAS Film Society created The Art of Film to be a celebration of an extraordinary career,” said James Faust, Artistic Director of the DALLAS Film Society.

“2012 will mark John Lithgow’s 40th year on stage and screen and one can only marvel at his achievements of the past four decades.  He is a rare breed – he acts, sings, dances, writes and in all of these skill sets he consistently delivers a standard that others can only try to emulate.  John Lithgow is a true star and I am humbled and honored that we will have the opportunity to pay homage to him and put his accomplishments on a pedestal.

Now lets get to some of John’s finest work.  I’ve only put in consideration for his Film and TV work since it’s tough to highlight his many roles and years in theater.  We’ll start with the first real memory I have of John Lithgow, as the BAD GUY!

10.  Cliffhanger –  Eric Qualen

Up next is one of the most intriguing roles John’s had over the years.  In this film we see many sides of John Lithgow and all of them are a bit odd and spooky!

9.  Raising CainCarter / Cain / Dr. Nix / Josh / Margo

The vocal talents of John have been showcased on the many stages from Broadway to England he’s been on and also have shown in his numerous children projects over the years.  But I do believe most youngsters will recognize John Lithgow for his funny role in the Shrek movies.

8. Shrek Films – Lord Farquaad (voice)

You’ll only have to watch the first 30 seconds of the next clip to get the fear that John Lithgow can showcase.

7.  Twilight Zone: The Movie  – Nightmare at 20,000 Feet – John Valentine (Segment #4)

The next role showcases his serious bible thumping demeanor, that caused so many young folks to just want ol’ Reverend Moore to LOOSEN UP!

6.   FootlooseReverend Shaw Moore

His second Oscar nod was for this next role (his first was in the funny The World According to Garp – 1982).

5.  Terms of EndearmentSam Burns

Most folks came to adore John Lithgow as the father in this late 80’s classic.

4. Harry and the Hendersons   – George Henderson

Television though is where many folks recognize John Lithgow and though this role was only for a few episodes it was still memorable.

3.  How I Met Your Mother (TV series) –  Jerry Whitaker

His latest success garnered him his second Golden Globe, as the veteran serial killer Arthur “The Trinity Killer” Mitchell in Showtime’s Dexter.

2.  Dexter (TV series)   – Arthur Mitchell

Overall though most folks remember John Lithgow as that darn funny alien Dr. Dick Soloman.  A show that in its 6 seasons (TV Series 1996–2001) won 23 awards out of possible 50 nominations.  John would be looked at as one of the funniest people on Television in the late nineties.

1.  3rd Rock from the Sun (TV series) – Dr. Dick Solomon

ok how about one more scene!

“Honorary Chair of The Art of Film, Faye C. Briggs and Chairs, Ann Swisher and Michael F. McGehee are working with the DALLAS Film Society to organize the event, which will help raise funds to support the DALLAS Film Society’s year-round education and community outreach programs.

“Education is the cornerstone of the DALLAS Film Society’s mission,” said Tanya Foster, President and CEO of the Dallas Film Society. “Through The Art of Film, we can raise money and awareness to support this mission and help educate the next generation of filmmakers.  Honoring John Lithgow also serves to motivate anyone interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.  He has not only done it all, he has done it with style and class and that to me, is inspirational.”

Individual tickets from $250 are available for purchase, and underwriting opportunities are available from $2,500-$35,000. Tickets for the screenings the next day are free for The Art of Film guests and members of the Dallas Film Society. Contact Katie Layton at or call 214.720.0555 for more information.




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